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KAMA Paper and Cardboard (trademark of KAMA Group of Companies (LLC «PPM KAMA», LLC «Kama Karton») is the first high-tech Russian enterprise focused on the production of light-weight coated paper (LWC) and coated folding box cardboard (FBB).

KAMA Paper and Cardboard is built on the principles of sustainable development with is based on the best available technologies (BAT).

The implementation of this concept determined the technologies of the new paper and cardboard production and the raw material base.

The raw material for the production of paper and cardboard is aspen, the wood of which was not previously widely used in industry.

Involvement of aspen in the production cycle made it possible to clear forest plots from unclaimed balance, to increase the depth of timber processing in the Perm Territory.

In order to processing of aspen KAMA Paper and Cardboard developed a special technology for producing light-weight coated paper based on best equipment from leading manufacturers.

In 2013, as a result of the implementation of this large-scale project, KAMA Paper and Cardboard produce a first Russian light-weight coated paper.

At the moment, the company annually produces 85 000 tons of light-weight coated paper (LWC) with a density of 45 to 105 g / m2 and is one of the leaders in the introduction of new technologies in the Russian paper industry.
Continuing to develop the adopted strategy of introducing the best available (BAT) and environmentally friendly technologies KAMA Paper and Cardboard is building (the first time in Russia) the production line for high-quality coated folding box board (FBB).

The total area of ​​new production and auxiliary facilities exceeds 100 000 sq. m.

The target inducator for the production of high-quality coated folding box board (FBB) with a density of 200 to 350 g / m2 is 220,000 tons per year. It making KAMA Paper and Cardboard the Russian leader in the production of coated paper and coated cardboard industry.
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+7 (34273) 9-89-06



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